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Is SPF 15 Sufficient to Give Your Pores and skin Solar Safety?

Is a every day moisturizer with SPF 15 sufficient solar safety on your face? Sufferers in my dermatology apply ask me this on a regular basis. Additionally they ask if make-up with sunscreen will give sufficient solar safety to stop solar injury.

In the event you plan to remain inside throughout the day then it might provide you with ample solar safety for what little solar is available in home windows (which will likely be UVA so that you want broad spectrum safety), or bounces in from an open door.  If, nevertheless, you intend to be exterior for greater than a fast run to your automobile, then that every day moisturizer or make-up with SPF 15 is simply providing you with a false sense of solar safety safety and your pores and skin’s getting new solar injury!

is your daily moisturizer with spf 15 good enoughThe solar safety you get from sunscreen depends upon placing sufficient product in your pores and skin and reapplying each 2 hours.  You are not going to do that together with your SPF 15 facial moisturizer or your make-up as a result of your purpose is completely different with these merchandise.

  • With a moisturizer you need to create the precise hydration and really feel to your pores and skin.
  • With make-up, you need to get the precise look. 

For ample every day solar safety, the quantity of SPF elements that you just apply to your pores and skin is THE important step for solar safety.

When the solar is shining in your pores and skin for a sustained time period – in direct solar, reflecting off buildings or pavement or sand, and coming by home windows – you want the correct amount of solar defending elements in your face!

Plus, if you’re utilizing a product with chemical (additionally referred to as ‘natural’) actives (which implies something apart from zinc oxide or titanium dioxide), the 2-hour reapplication is actually essential.  That is as a result of UV rays break down these chemical actives after they hit them. Most every day moisturizers or foundations with SPF depend on chemical actives or a mixture of chemical and titanium dioxide and have solely the tiny quantity ample to create an SPF 15 to start with.  This implies your solar safety runs out throughout the day and also you’re unprotected!

Add to that the truth that when individuals use a every day moisturize or make-up that doubles as a sunscreen, they do not normally do the primary two essential steps of solar safety: 1) put sufficient on, and a couple of) reapply SPF each 2 hours.

On the typical day it is unlikely that you’ll reapply your sunscreen each 2 hours which implies you need to be very cautious about your morning SPF utility.

The underside line with counting on every day SPF 15 in moisturizer and make-up:

That every day moisturizer or basis with SPF 15 might be providing you with a false sense of solar safety safety; too many UV rays are reaching your pores and skin and inflicting solar injury and pores and skin pigment issues. 

I might help you determine easy methods to get higher safety on your pores and skin.

How will you get sufficient solar safety from the morning sunscreen utility in your skincare routine? 

best moisturizer and sunscreen for dermatologist approved daily protection

What I inform my sufferers is that for his or her common work or faculty day, they should use a very good high quality moisturizer that retains their pores and skin hydrated all day and prime their moisturizer with an actual sunscreen that appears and feels nice. For this reason I created my Fort Knox for Your Face Kit – get a very nice moisturizer fortified with ceramides and squalane with  a ‘actual’ sunscreen that’s nice to put on day by day AND provides actual safety. 

Resolve the reapplication of sunscreen downside with Powder Sunscreen!

best sunscreen powder to reapply

You’ll be able to simply and conveniently reapply SPF if you’re out for greater than 2 hours utilizing my Sheer Strength Pure Physical SPF Refresh Powder. 

This strategy creates ideal skin care for healthy and glowing skin. – Dr. Bailey

What is a dermatologist-recommended ‘real’ sunscreen? 

Over my 30+ years of practice, I’ve seen what sunscreens work for my patients and what don’t because their skin shows the results. Here’s what you want in your daily SPF:

Why do I particularly suggest zinc oxide sunscreens

Zinc oxide is an important ingredient in your sunscreen. It supplies broad spectrum safety towards UVA and UVB rays. Additionally it is referred to as a bodily or ‘inorganic’ sunscreen ingredient. It’s thought-about a bodily block (UV filter) as a result of it sits on the outer layers of your pores and skin and works primarily by bouncing UV mild rays off of your pores and skin and again into the stratosphere. Titanium dioxide can also be a bodily UV filter but it surely doesn’t give broad spectrum safety. It may be formulated with zinc oxide to extend the SPF, however you continue to have to see 5% or extra zinc oxide listed as an ‘lively ingredient’. 

Zinc oxide sunscreen know-how has come a great distance and now there are a lot of clear merchandise. Pure mineral sunscreens with 5% or more zinc oxide with tinted matte finish are ideal for all skin types, including oily skin. They can also make a great makeup primer.

Pro tip for using mineral SPFs:

Rub your zinc oxide mineral SPF product onto your skin well to disperse the zinc particles evenly across your skin surface. You’ve just created a fine, invisible or imperceptible protective layer of mineral particles covering your skin and the UV bouncing is ready to begin for the day!

If you wear makeup with your sunscreen, when do you apply that?

Makeup goes on top of sunscreen and it ideally should be a mineral makeup which gives you even more physical sun protection by this same bouncing mechanism.

is your daily moisturizer with spf 15 good enough

Know that if you’re planning to really be out in the sun, you need a great hat and to try to aim for staying in the shade as much as possible.  (Of course, for extreme and sustained outdoor sun exposure, like a day at the beach, you must carefully reapply sunscreen on exposed skin every 2 hours.)

It takes some effort and planning but your skin will reward you by looking younger than you expect, and for years! As you’ve probably already heard, most of the undesirable skin changes we see with age like wrinkles, age spots and skin thinning are actually due to sun damage.  Who needs it!   And remember, you need sun protection all year round because even those winter UVA rays cause skin aging and skin cancer.

Daily sun protection is critically important for having strong and healthy skin as you age.


I’ve lots of data on sensible solar safety on my weblog as a result of it is the only most essential step an individual can do for anti getting old skincare and pores and skin well being.  I invite you to scroll by the Solar Safety article class listed on the highest proper of this text or go to my sun protection product pages for the extremely scrutinized merchandise that I take advantage of in my apply.  They’re made by skilled chemists; I personally use them day by day and I’ve witnessed them shield hundreds of my sufferers from our California solar.

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